Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Master Becomes the Student!

One thing is for sure, You can learn from anyone, anytime, and anywhere. I profess to be a Barbecue and Grilling Afficionado but, I am surprised all of the time. I have a network of friends and family who are always grilling and innovating in there own right. On Saturday night my Brother-in-law showed me a box of Frozen Hamburgers from Kroger called Private Selection. For a change I had my wife pick some up. When I opened the box I saw a plastic bag full of Pre-fab Frozen burgers with marks cut into them to make them look like a hand patted burger. I must admit they looked just like any box burger I had ever seen.

But once I cooked the burgers and ate one I was blown away. The Flash freezing seals in the Angus Flavor and the internal ingredients danced on the tip of my tongue. What flavor and what a fine product! I had the Monterey Jack Chipotle but they have several flavors to choose from. I suggest everyone try them right away.