Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shish Kabob

Spring is here and so is hot weather. With hot weather comes time for Mama to relax. So Dad needs to cook the whole meal. There's not a better way to accomplish this than Shish Kabobs. Veggies, Meat all cooked on the grill. Mmmm Mmmm Good!!  Here's a few tips. Skewer the meat by itself. I prefer my steak Mid-Rare as I am sure you do too! I like my chicken Medium where its still juicy and just done. Veggies take longer to Grill so they do better on a skewer by themself. This is a trick that I have learned that others don't share. When it's all said and done remove the food from the skewers and separate it for all to enjoy.


  1. Looking Good Brother!!! . . . To Pretty For Me!!! LOL!!! . . . My Grill's Have Never Been That Clean!!! . . . Presentation Is Not In The Wheel House!!! . . . Good Luck! And Have A Great Week!!!

  2. I do hope you are not done blogging... we always need more grilling recipes (and to ward off the growing crowd of contributing Vegans)...

    Meat eaters unite...

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